Riona, a student at Burgmeister & Royce, is also a member of The HOTs sorority. She is known for her free spirit and lack of inhibitions.

Riona plays a key role in Quinn’s illegal activities, serving as his trusted assistant in his drug and prostitution ventures. She is responsible for bringing Camila and Mona into the HOTs and forms a strong bond with Camila after her initiation.

As the story progresses, Riona forms a close relationship with the main character, and there’s a possibility that she could become his side girl. Of all the non-administrative sisters of the HOTs, except for Josy and Maya, the main character has the deepest relationship with Riona.

“Riona is a HOT sister. She is no stranger to drugs and seems to enjoy music”.

Riona, with roots in a diverse Asian heritage, is admired for her striking beauty. Standing at an average height of 5’3″, she has a captivating contrast of dark hair and blue eyes. Her unique style is accentuated by piercings on her tongue, nasal septum, and eyebrows, and a sleeve tattoo adorns her right arm.

Riona, a popular member of the HOTs, loves music and partying, but is insecure and easily influenced by Quinn. Despite her academic success at B&R, she doubts herself because of Quinn’s comments. She’s introverted and often needs time alone at parties.

Riona responds well to MC’s influence, suggesting a possible change in her attitude toward relationships. After MC confronts a stalker for her in episode 8, she begins to develop feelings for MC. When MC rejects her, she respects his decision but does not support his current relationship.

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