They are not real, but so damn hot

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Being a DIK


Riona, a student at Burgmeister & Royce, is also a member of The HOTs sorority. She is known for her free spirit and lack of inhibitions. Riona plays a key role in Quinn’s illegal activities, serving as his trusted assistant in his drug and prostitution ventures. She is responsible for bringing Camila and Mona into …

College Bound


Every college has a top student. In this case, it’s Liu. This Asian-looking girl is mean as hell, but she studies better than others and wants to keep that title at all costs. She can’t communicate well, but her knowledge is enough to do evil things. And when you figure her out, you can use …

Chasing Sunsets


Tanaka is a chef on a yacht that has shown its unapproachable and edgy character from the start. You can only earn her sympathy through hard work: later Tanaka will train you in martial arts and cooking. If you do your best, you’ll get a nice bonus. Workout prize Chef Tanaka only appreciates motivated people. …

Chasing Sunsets


She’s a cab driver and a bartender. Kai is a local who is used to spinning her wheels to make a living. A bit of a kid, she still knows how to flirt and will even be able to please you. Blowjob in a public restroom If your relationship with Mal and Jaye doesn’t work …

Mystwood Manor


Hana is a mercenary who has offered to provide security for your hotel. She will start working for you after you renovate the Security Office. In addition to providing Security she can also work in the Massage Parlor or the Club. This pretty young girl with a slender figure is a real murder weapon. She …

Fetish Locator


The Korean Min from a wealthy family was raised to be the best at everything. She was the best in her studies and earned the most points in the game Fetish Locator by completing tasks with her boyfriend. But you could still find a weakness, which led later to “water sports” training. All of the …