Quinn is enrolled at Burgmeister & Royce and holds the position of Vice President of the HOTs. She is the main drug supplier on campus and secretly involves members of the sorority in a secret prostitution network, luring them with the supposed offer of a tuition-free education for those who join.

At times, Quinn appears as an enemy of the main character, but she has the potential to develop into a companion and supporting female character for him.

Quinn is one of the most complex and well-crafted characters in the game. There are subtle hints that her hardened demeanour and misbehaviour may stem from a troubled past, but later, her true intentions are yet to be revealed.

“Quinn’s the Vice President of the HOTs sorority. She likes to fuck with people in different ways. If there’s a living definition of a bad girl, Quinn would be it.”

The MC portrays Quinn as irresistibly attractive. She is of average height, her hair a shimmering silver, with the left side partially shaved. Her eyes, a captivating green, add to her allure. A skull earring dangles from her left earlobe, and a stud piercing adorns her upper lip. On either side of her eyes, she has unique make-up markings, possibly a tribute to her father, Rox.

A public “bad girl” with a hidden soft side, Quinn is involved in criminal activities, probably due to her tough upbringing by her drug-dealing father, Rox.

A skilled businesswoman, she excels at pitching and negotiating. If she’s not interested, she’ll declare “no sale”. Quinn is attracted to the main character, a fact noted by Sage. Depending on the player’s choices, this can lead to an antagonistic or romantic relationship. If pursued, Quinn will show a softer side and possible feelings for the MC, and show jealousy if the MC is intimate with Sage.

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