Maya Victoria Bailey, the identical twin of Derek, is romantically involved with Josy. She might also be in a polyamorous relationship with Josy and the Main Character.

A film enthusiast at heart, Maya is currently studying at Burgmeister & Royce and is a part of The HOTs sorority. However, her father’s attempt to control her life through a cosigned student loan is a significant concern for her.

Maya, a stunning young lady, stands taller than most with a slender build. Despite being Derek’s twin, their physical features are strikingly different. Derek takes after their father, Patrick, with similar eyes, hair and skin tone. Maya, on the other hand, looks more like her mother, Helen, with platinum blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

In terms of fashion, Maya’s wardrobe is diverse. Unlike Derek, who sticks to jeans and shoes, Maya has a large wardrobe in her dorm room filled with a variety of outfits. She has a penchant for more fashionable outfits such as skirts and bright tops, which often earn her compliments from other girls such as Camila and Mona.

Maya, a shy and introverted girl, becomes more open and reveals her inner thoughts to the Main Character as the series progresses. She’s more dependent on others and has been manipulated by Quinn and others. However, with the MC and Josy’s support, her confidence grows, shown when she confronts Quinn about the false tuition promise. Despite her introverted nature, Maya is resourceful, saving money to lessen her reliance on her father and being frugal with her resources.

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