They are not real, but so damn hot

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Tal is a girl in Nora’s dance group. She doesn’t speak English, but she has her eye on you right away. The excited gypsy will invite you to the pool tonight. And if you accept, you can have sex with her. But then you’ll have to face the consequences from the team leader. Night sex …



Marion Roy, or simply Rion, as everyone calls her, is the protagonist’s childhood friend. She is now 25 years old and it seems that he has been in love with her all along. A young pretty girl has come to Egypt with her boyfriend, but things are not going well with him, because he is …



Gypsy Nora Eldorai first appears on the second day of the SandStorm game’s story, when she and two other girls from her musical group enter your bus. She is 24 years old, very beautiful and talented. She not only sings and dances, but also participates in dangerous circus shows. She will be your tour guide …



Madison Ford, or just Maddie, your college girlfriend. She’s from Europe, she’s 27 years old, and she’s a badass soldier. Her profession imprints on her character – combative, determined, sometimes tough. It will not be easy to get her love, but if you try, she will reward you with her gorgeous body with big natural …



An Egyptian deity who appears in the game in a variety of different hypostases. Cunning, beautiful and cruel. A very dangerous and powerful person. In the form of a hotel owner named Zaya, she tosses you a magic stone. Later you will meet her in an abandoned temple: first as a girl in a fox …