Gypsy Nora Eldorai first appears on the second day of the SandStorm game’s story, when she and two other girls from her musical group enter your bus.

She is 24 years old, very beautiful and talented. She not only sings and dances, but also participates in dangerous circus shows.

She will be your tour guide in Egypt, and can even find an pickup to take you to an abandoned ancient temple.

But don’t let this pretty face confuse you: behind it lies a big mystery for you to unravel.

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  • Belly dancing song show
  • Acrobatic night show
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  • Postapocalyptic outfit
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  • Lesby dream about Nora and Rion
  • Intimate night in the hotel
  • Acrobatic romantic dream
  • Playing mind games on the rotunda
  • Blowjob in Bastet’s bath
  • Hot night in the tent
  • Hot threesome in the oasis with Nora and Rion
  • Peeping on Nora and Rion
  • Nora’s room sexy tour
  • Sekhmet, is that you?
  • Otherside
  • Postapocalyptic sex
  • Sunbathing near the pool in the temple
  • Threesome with Nora and Rion
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