Marion Roy, or simply Rion, as everyone calls her, is the protagonist’s childhood friend. She is now 25 years old and it seems that he has been in love with her all along.

A young pretty girl has come to Egypt with her boyfriend, but things are not going well with him, because he is a jerk.

Rion is into cosplay, so her outfits will be full of anime spirit. She’s funny, but not too risky.

On Rion’s way the protagonist is waiting for a lot of interesting things, but first he has to get the girl away from her boyfriend.

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  • Tribute to Rion
  • Handbra on the shore
  • Afterbath
  • Sexy dress in the bar
  • Wet top
  • Rion is bored in a post-apocalyptic world
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  • Hot scene on Anubis temple
  • Sexy dream on Anubis temple
  • Wild dream on Anubis temple
  • Lesby dream about Nora and Rion
  • Toilet sex at the hotel
  • Romantic sex at the hotel
  • Dream about girls playing with Anubis dick
  • Being naughty at the back of the pickup
  • Deepthroat in the pickup
  • Intense sex in Bastet’s bath
  • Hot night in the oasis
  • Hot threesome in the oasis with Nora and Rion
  • Peeping on Nora and Rion
  • Factory gangbang
  • Sex in the shower
  • Sex on Nora’s bed
  • Rion’s extreme cumflation
  • Final lewd scene
  • Threesome with Nora and Rion
  • Post-apocalyptic sex
  • Sex near the Gate
  • Other
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