They are not real, but so damn hot

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Being a DIK


Sage Morgan-Burke is currently enrolled at Burgmeister & Royce and holds the position of President in The HOTs sorority. She is in her senior year at B&R and has a past relationship with Chad, the president of the Tri-Alphas. In the game Being A DIK, Sage appears as a primary love interest. She is integral …

College Bound


Tiffany is a student at the college the protagonist attends and Lucia’s best friend. Both girls have a nasty character, but their gorgeous looks allow them to behave as they wish. Tiffany is obsessed with sports and her beauty. She is ready to spend hours in gyms and tanning studios, and in her free time …

Bare Witness


A young girl Mora has to earn her own living and pay for her studies. You meet her on the very first day on an Uber ride. Afterwards, Mora will give you many more rides. She has a bad situation: her boyfriend leaves her without explanation and takes all her friends with him. In fact, …

Bare Witness


Not much is known about Maddie. This girl only appears in Zenda’s path and is referred to as her longtime “friend”. Beautiful, but available. It’s unlikely she would be of any interest on her own. Blowjob in the gallery It was a gift from Zenda. She let Maddie give you a blowjob, while she sat …

Vinovella University


A pretty young librarian with red hair and freckles all over her body. Her blue short dress, which she wears to work, looks too revealing for the average librarian.

Fetish Locator


AmRose is one of the main characters in the game Fetish Locator. This red-headed girl, whose face is completely covered in playful freckles, can become your girlfriend throughout the game. But if you think that she will be boring, you are very much mistaken. AmRose is ready for the wildest experiments (some you couldn’t even …

College Kings


Jenny is Penelope’s friend. And this is the case when a pretty girl has an equally pretty friend. Jenny has a great figure with big natural breasts and very sexy freckles on her face. But there is one drawback: you have to choose between her and Penelope. You can’t date both at the same time. …