AmRose is one of the main characters in the game Fetish Locator. This red-headed girl, whose face is completely covered in playful freckles, can become your girlfriend throughout the game.

But if you think that she will be boring, you are very much mistaken. AmRose is ready for the wildest experiments (some you couldn’t even think of) and doesn’t mind sharing you with other girls at all.

She has a stunning figure with huge breasts and a luscious ass. And it even can’t be counted how many times this divine mouth has pleasured your cock!

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  • Sex in a shower
  • Fucking another girl while your girlfriend watches
  • Hand in Daisy’s asshole
  • Threesome with AmRose and Stacy and then…
  • … together in shower
  • Threesome with AmRose and Maria
  • With Lidya watching you play with Stace and AmRose
  • Harem invitation sex with Lyssa
  • Wedding sex with a wrong girl
  • On a sofa – beginning of a family life
  • Lewd scene in a farmer’s barn
  • Hard sex in a bathroom
  • Swinger sex with AmRose, Ashley and her husband
  • We must conceive a child
  • Threesome with pregnant AmRose and Stacy
  • Orgia with AmRose, Aliya and Maria
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