Sage Morgan-Burke is currently enrolled at Burgmeister & Royce and holds the position of President in The HOTs sorority. She is in her senior year at B&R and has a past relationship with Chad, the president of the Tri-Alphas.

In the game Being A DIK, Sage appears as a primary love interest. She is integral to the development of the game’s main narrative and forms a strong bond with the main character, regardless of his decision to pursue a romantic relationship with her.

A fiery redhead with an attitude. Sage is President of the HOT and girlfriend to Chad, the president of the tri-alphas. It’s her final year at B&R.“

Sage, who is about 22 years old, stands tall with a voluptuous and attractive figure. Her bright green eyes, pale complexion and freckles add to her beauty. Her long, ginger hair, which she styles differently, complements her curvaceous figure, which is characterized by wide hips, a slim waist, and ample breasts.

Sage is an intelligent, assertive, and caring leader who often suppresses her emotions due to her upbringing. She’s determined in her relationships, as evidenced by her pursuit of Chad and the main character (MC), and has a list of experiences she wants to try. She’s a dedicated leader to her sisters in the HOTs, but is initially distracted by suspicions of Chad’s infidelity.

She enjoys college life, but understands the need for work-life balance. Her intelligence, dedication to her studies, and perceptiveness surprise both the MC and Isabella. At the MC’s suggestion, she takes up guitar and martial arts to deal with her anger. She appreciates brutal honesty and dislikes small talk.

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