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College Bound


Tiffany is a student at the college the protagonist attends and Lucia’s best friend. Both girls have a nasty character, but their gorgeous looks allow them to behave as they wish. Tiffany is obsessed with sports and her beauty. She is ready to spend hours in gyms and tanning studios, and in her free time …

College Bound


Summer is the main character’s girlfriend, a bit conservative and very jealous. The relationship lasts for quite a long time, so the protagonist together with Summer are going to go to France. But at some point the ideal relationship begins to crumble: the girl is eaten up by jealousy (not without reason, it should be …

College Bound


In the middle of the school year, the college has a new professor named Stacy. A middle-aged woman with huge tits and a harsh character, she may not always be easy to agree with or find common ground with. She also has a passion for lesbian role-playing with BDSM tendencies, but will not refuse sex …

Chasing Sunsets


Sarah is the protagonist’s mother. A beautiful woman who has made a career as a successful scientist. She was working on drugs that should change people’s lives, but unfortunately, together with her husband, she is killed in a traffic accident. Other

Chasing Sunsets


Amanda is a friend of Mal’s who appears near the middle of the story. She suffers from an incurable form of autism, so she has difficulty communicating in society, but an experimental treatment allows her to get rid of this disease, significantly raising her IQ. After that, the pretty blonde with a great figure begins …

Fetish Locator


Talia is another student you meet at Fetish Locator parties. We don’t know much about her, except that she has an amazing body, is quite depraved, and that she’s friends with Maria, helping her on her way to seduction. Pirates style lewd scene This unusual scene on a pirate ship took place during one of …

Fetish Locator


Nora works at a student-run coffee shop that she herself owns. Things were not going well, so she was happy to accept your help. At the same time, Nora has become the object of adoration of a girl named Polly, whom you help to make a move on the girl. This story will have several …

Fetish Locator


Lesbian Maria is another student from Fetish Locator. The blonde with a gorgeous figure has never tried to have sex with men, so you have to use all your skills to seduce her, turning her into a bisexual. If you do it right, Maria will become much more liberated and will not refuse even to …

Fetish Locator


Daisy is a kind and good girl. She is the direct opposite of the crazy Dahlia, with whom she shares a room in the university dormitory. She is very beautiful: she has perfect skin and stunning breasts of defiant shape. In spite of all her modesty, Daisy doesn’t mind having sex with you in some …

Being a DIK


At Burgmeister & Royce, Lily is a student who also belongs to The HOTs sorority and works as a stripper at The Pink Rose. Though initially rejected, she finally pledges The HOTs. Small in stature and only slightly taller than Josy, Lily has platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, a nose piercing, and tattoos on both …