At Burgmeister & Royce, Lily is a student who also belongs to The HOTs sorority and works as a stripper at The Pink Rose. Though initially rejected, she finally pledges The HOTs.

Small in stature and only slightly taller than Josy, Lily has platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, a nose piercing, and tattoos on both arms. While the main character speculates that her breasts may have been surgically enhanced, Lily has yet to confirm or deny this claim. It’s not uncommon for strippers to undergo cosmetic surgery for the job.

Confident and outgoing, Lily enjoys the company of her friends at The Pink Rose. Despite being tasked with more intimate pledges to join the HOTs, she easily adapts to sorority life and fits in seamlessly, despite initial conflicts with Quinn.

When confronted separately by Josy and the MC about her job as a stripper, she remains outwardly calm, if slightly defensive. She clarifies that she uses the money she earns from stripping to pay for her education at B&R and anticipates a future career without debt.

Lily takes on the responsibility of procuring drugs for both the Pink Rose girls and herself.

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