She is the most open girl in San Vallejo, making always sure everyone has fun. Living in the moment, Aubrey is the first to undress you and tie you up.

Aubrey is a very good girl who will be a faithful friend and helper in many different situations in life. She is someone you won’t expect cheating, while her gorgeous appearance will keep you thinking about her all the time.

You have a choice to make: go deeper into a full relationship with Aubrey, or leave her as just a friend. Either way, try not to offend her because she takes everything so personally.

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  • Photosession in a pink bikini
  • Bikini and topless sunbathing on a party
  • Hot sauna
  • Hot photosession
  • Sexy massage
  • In a hot tube with Riley
  • Jerking on a lake
  • Cheer up the sad clown
  • First sex
  • Sex in a park
  • We should do this very fast
  • Lewd scene with handcuffs
  • Bathroom sex
  • Sex in a toilet of a cruise ship
  • Lewd scene in an expensive hotel room
  • Threesome with Aubrey and Riley
  • Other
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