Amber is one of the most controversial characters in the College Kings visual novel.

It is on her fate that you can have the greatest influence. Will she work at a strip club or a clothing store? Will she be addicted to drugs or will she choose the path of a clean life?

With this long-haired beauty, there are many situations that you will overcome together: go-karts, parties and detective investigations.

What kind of Amber do you want to see: tender and sensitive or wild and daring?

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  • Private dance in a strip club
  • Blowjob and sex at the skate park
  • Dead nurse blowjob
  • Jerking off in a lake
  • Naked in a bathroom
  • Another day – another private dance
  • Playing with pussy while you’re fucking her friend
  • Sex with a vibrator in a detective room
  • Sex and drugs
  • Tender sex in a bedroom
  • Lewd scene in a dorm
  • Other
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