The main character’s mother, Lynette, died tragically while giving birth to him. His only knowledge of her is through the stories told by his father, Neil, and the intimate words written in her diary.

A blend of beauty and personality, Lynette is known for her kindness and strong will. She loved Neil, a man her father considered “inferior,” and pursued him even after he left. Her son inherited her stubbornness and impulsiveness.

Neil met 18-year-old Lynette when he was hired by her father to build a hotel. After the job, Neil left town, but not before sharing one last kiss with Lynette. She tracked him down within a week.

On MC’s 19th birthday, he received Lynette’s diary and learned more about her than his father had told him. Lynette’s family once lived in the current Royce residence, a fact that MC did not realise even after seeing an old photo and visiting the mansion. Later Lynette’s family had sold the mansion due to financial problems, a sale that Bianca’s father Maynard had suggested to the Royces.

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