They are not real, but so damn hot

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Being a DIK


Maya Victoria Bailey, the identical twin of Derek, is romantically involved with Josy. She might also be in a polyamorous relationship with Josy and the Main Character. A film enthusiast at heart, Maya is currently studying at Burgmeister & Royce and is a part of The HOTs sorority. However, her father’s attempt to control her …

College Bound


Aisha’s friend’s name is Willow. She is a bit withdrawn and, as it turns out, considers herself a lesbian, which makes her shun any relationship with men. But a little later (not without Aisha’s help) Willow starts to show interest in sex with men, which you should take advantage of. Lesbian scene with Aisha and …

College Bound


In the middle of the school year, the college has a new professor named Stacy. A middle-aged woman with huge tits and a harsh character, she may not always be easy to agree with or find common ground with. She also has a passion for lesbian role-playing with BDSM tendencies, but will not refuse sex …

Fetish Locator

Mikaela and Dorothy

Mikaela and Dorothy are a lesbian couple you meet at a country club while traveling with Lyssa. They are rather sexually inhibited, so you decide to help them out by meeting them several times in the sauna. Naked in the sauna During your first encounter with Mikaela and Dorothy in the sauna, they had trouble …

Fetish Locator


Lesbian Maria is another student from Fetish Locator. The blonde with a gorgeous figure has never tried to have sex with men, so you have to use all your skills to seduce her, turning her into a bisexual. If you do it right, Maria will become much more liberated and will not refuse even to …