They are not real, but so damn hot

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Being a DIK


Rose is a stripper at The Pink Rose. She is one of the women present when the DIKs visit the club in the third episode. If the main character decides to stay with Derek in the fourth episode, Rose could potentially become a romantic interest. Rose appears to be in her early to mid-twenties. She …

Being a DIK

Nicole / Envy

Nicole, who works as a stripper at The Pink Rose under the pseudonym Envy, is a single mother. The protagonist meets her in episode 3 when the DIKs take him to The Pink Rose. Envy is a potential romantic interest for the main character. When he shows interest in her, she allows him to call …

College Kings


A pretty stripper at the local strip club from whom you can get a lap dance, but nothing more. Lap dance No touching, you can only watch. Despite these restrictions, Violet’s lap dance will be quite hot!

College Kings


A stripper in a club near the university. Nothing is known about her except that she has a great body!

Being a DIK


At Burgmeister & Royce, Lily is a student who also belongs to The HOTs sorority and works as a stripper at The Pink Rose. Though initially rejected, she finally pledges The HOTs. Small in stature and only slightly taller than Josy, Lily has platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, a nose piercing, and tattoos on both …

Element 174


A stripper who looks like a young teacher. This is Madison. A nice girl with big breasts and a great booty who works in a strip club. You will see her in a variety of images, including a sexy maid. Members Content Only Blowjob in a dressing room Every guy dreams of being in the …

Being a DIK


Brandi is employed as a stripper at The Pink Rose establishment and has garnered favor with Tommy, a high-ranking official of DIKs as his preferred performer. Beautiful, free, with a perfect figure. You can interact with her in one of the episodes of the game Being a DIK. Strip dance and lap dance Brandi is …