They are not real, but so damn hot

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Lust Theory


You meet Ellie before entering the school. A young girl who has recently transferred to your school and is desperately looking for friends. She is interested in cosplay, so she invites you to join her club. However, except for her there is no one there, and the meetings will be held in the school restroom. …

Bare Witness


Sadie is your cousin. You bump into her (literally) at the university by chance. Initially, the young girl looks completely unattractive: she is overweight and has pimples on her face. But very soon proper nutrition and sports will make her a real beauty. In the course of the game story you can choose her as …

Fetish Locator


This girl is the object of adoration of the main character. She is beautiful, intelligent, and determined. She is one of the main characters in the story of the game Fetish Locator, around which the whole plot is built. The young girl is studying at the same university as the main character. She is a …

Element 174


At first glance, Ash is just another average nerd girl. But she hides much more. The thing is, she’s not from Earth. An alien who came to the planet to explore humanity. An important part of knowledge is sex. She is most often found in the gaming community, where she creates an erotic visual novel, …