This girl is the object of adoration of the main character. She is beautiful, intelligent, and determined.

She is one of the main characters in the story of the game Fetish Locator, around which the whole plot is built.

The young girl is studying at the same university as the main character. She is a virgin, not ready to have sex before marriage.

Once you start dating, she won’t mind you having sex with other girls. Moreover, stories about it will turn her on, and then she will even want to be present in person during the process.

It seems like just the perfect girl. But believe me, with Lydia it won’t be as easy as it seems at first glance.

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  • Singing naked in the shower
  • Masturbating while listening to your story about having sex with another girl
  • With Min and Lydia in the shower
  • First cunnilingus
  • Morning cum on the face
  • Second attempt in the shower with Min
  • Oral games in the bedroom
  • Fucking another girl while your girlfriend watches
  • Morning blowjob
  • Morning shower together
  • Your best friend fucks Lydia in the server room
  • Threesome with Lydia and Min
  • With Lidya watching you play with Stacy and AmRose
  • Blowjob on your wedding
  • Lydia’s defloration
  • Other
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