They are not real, but so damn hot

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Being a DIK


Rose is a stripper at The Pink Rose. She is one of the women present when the DIKs visit the club in the third episode. If the main character decides to stay with Derek in the fourth episode, Rose could potentially become a romantic interest. Rose appears to be in her early to mid-twenties. She …

College Bound


Aisha’s friend’s name is Willow. She is a bit withdrawn and, as it turns out, considers herself a lesbian, which makes her shun any relationship with men. But a little later (not without Aisha’s help) Willow starts to show interest in sex with men, which you should take advantage of. Lesbian scene with Aisha and …

College Kings


Expensive prostitute from Amsterdam. She has a perfect body with tattoos on her arms and hips and large natural breasts. You can have sex with her only in case of respectful behavior. Lewd scene with Satin When you come to Amsterdam and go to the Red Light District, you expect something similar to happen to …

Being a DIK


Emma was a friend of Zoey’s when she came to the South Coast to seek her fortune. She is a tattoo artist, so her body is covered in cool tattoos from head to toe. Surfing, topless photo shoots on the beach, and an unfinished relationship with an ex-boyfriend – it’s all about her. Photo shooting …

Acting Lessons


Ana is one of the main characters in the Acting Lessons visual novel. She’s a talented actress who is determined to make a name for herself in the industry. Ana is strong-willed, confident, and passionate about her craft. She has a bad temper, which caused her to break up with the main character in the …