The first time you meet Becky completely by accident is when you visit your friend Sean. That’s when you manage to have great sex with her.

It turns out that Becky is a rather expensive prostitute who leaves you her phone number and will wait for a call to give you services for money.

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Mesh top

Becky walks around in a mesh top that flaunts her massive, perfectly shaped breasts.

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Sex with wrong boy

Sean went somewhere, but soon a girl with a blindfold on her eyes entered the room. She was wearing a sexy mesh top that didn’t hide her huge breasts at all. She thought you were Sean and started pulling down your pants so she could have sex with you.

Jerking off thinking about Becky

To relieve the stress of the day, you can jerk off while thinking about Becky.

A blowjob for a bicycle

Becky came to see you at the park while you were working at the bike rental shop. It wasn’t clear if she really needed a bike, or if she just missed your huge cock. Nevertheless, you gave her the bike in exchange for a blowjob.