They are not real, but so damn hot

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Being a DIK


Dr. Nora Jenkins is a teacher at Burgmeister & Royce, and she first crosses paths with the main character through the dating app Swyper. She becomes a potential romantic interest for him. As the story progresses, we learn that she is actually one of the instructors in the Applied Chemistry class that the main character …

Lust Theory


Nicole is a spectacular and trim middle-aged woman who teaches chemistry at the school you attend. At first glance stern and unapproachable, she is not going through the best moments of her life. She discovers that her boyfriend has cheated on her, and recently she had to change the job because of a sexual relationship …

College Bound


Mary is one of the most positive characters in the entire story. She works as a teacher at your college and over time you manage to get close to each other. But don’t expect to get Mary into bed so easily: she is married and is not going to cheat on her husband, even though …

Vinovella University


Ronja works as a teacher at Vinovella University. The young woman gets along well with Dean Diana, so there is a bet between them: who will have sex with you first. Ronja has won this competition, but this is only the beginning. There are many more curious stories to come about the rivalry between Ronja …

Fetish Locator

Zarah Waller

Pretty unpleasant teacher, which Lyssa can help you deal with. She appears only in one scene in the game Fetish Locator. Lewd scene in the class Zarah Wallet is so angry because she hasn’t had sex in a long time. Lyssa quickly realized this and asked you to help the teacher with her problem.

College Kings

Ms. Rose

Have you ever fallen in love with your teacher? Maybe you have, maybe haven’t. Maybe your university just didn’t have teachers as hot as Ms. Rose. This gorgeous woman with the perfect figure and curly hair has problems in relationships with her husband, but you can help her. Your romance develops, filled with all kinds …

Being a DIK

Jade Burke

At Burgmeister & Royce, Dr. Jade Burke is a Gender Studies professor and a valued member of the faculty. She is happily married to Dr. Stephen Burke and has adopted two esteemed leaders, Tybalt – president of Alpha Nu Omega – and Sage – president of The HOTs. Additionally, she has a close relationship with …

Being a DIK


As a professor of English and mathematics, Cathy Jones is a faculty member at Burgmeister & Royce. Jade Burke, another B&R professor, shares a close friendship with Cathy Jones. At 38, Cathy has a statuesque figure with lithe limbs and vibrant short locks. Her exquisitely long legs add to her allure and make her a …

Being a DIK


Isabella Roberts, or Bella, as her friends call her, works as a librarian and teaches College Research Skills at Burgmeister & Royce. She is also Jill’s best friend. Bella is a stunning woman in her mid-thirties, with dark brown hair that falls to her shoulders and a lovely olive complexion. Her striking icy blue eyes …