They are not real, but so damn hot

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College Bound

Cousin Jess

Cousin Jess is a middle-aged woman with gorgeous looks and a very wealthy aging husband. Her husband is often absent from work and has cheated on his wife many times. That is why a romance has developed between you and Cousin Jess, at first secretly. Eventually Jess finds the strength to leave her cheating husband …

Bare Witness


The stranger you meet on the train at the beginning of the game turns out to be from a very rich family. Zenda is as beautiful as a goddess. She has a perfect body, which she keeps in perfect shape at the gym. She also doesn’t mind taking the initiative in your relationship and will …

Bare Witness


She’s amazing. Mom, girlfriend, wife. Valeria lives in an expensive house and has a weakness for young students, with whom she has tried many times to build a serious relationship. Her daughter tragically died, causing her relationship with her husband to fall apart. But she finds the strength to move on, to love, to have …

Mystwood Manor

Dennis Farrow

Dennis Farrow is one of the guests at Mystwood Manor Hotel. A chic, middle-aged woman. She is very rich, but nevertheless quite adequate (especially compared to the other guests of the hotel).

Vinovella University


Rich student, captain of the volleyball team. Rugged, unfriendly, but damn attractive. The sight of droplets of sweat dripping down her chest, stomach, ass, and legs will make you ignore her bad temper and just admire the way she looks in that tight volleyball uniform. Volleyball uniform She looks damn good in those tight volleyball …

Element 174


It seems that no visual novel is complete without a rich and spoiled girl. In Element 174, her name is Jules. She lives in a huge mansion in a very wealthy family, and this fact has made her self-esteem skyrocket. But her biggest secret is that she is… an androyd. Yes, a very beautiful robot …

Dreams of Desire


The rich aunt of the protagonist lives in a luxurious mansion. She is in her 40s, but keeps her body in amazing condition. She has long blonde hair and green eyes that you can’t look away from. Her domineering nature leaves its mark on her sexual preferences when she chooses the harder sex. And her …

Being a DIK


Jill Royce, a student of Burgmeister & Royce, happens to be one of the main love interests in Being A DIK. A wealthy heir to the B&R family, Jill possesses admirable qualities such as strong principles, intelligence, and excellent piano playing skills. She shares a close bond with Isabella, and although she lives in The …