They are not real, but so damn hot

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Element 174


With her thick-rimmed glasses, silly haircut, and homemade sweater, one look at Trish and you know she is a nerd. But there’s more to this girl than that. She’s a real-life superhero who shows up at night wherever there’s trouble. And that fact makes this girl incredibly attractive. Playing with a dick in a restroom …

Element 174


One of the students named Chloe leads the life of a recluse: she has no friends and lives in a small trailer. To make ends meet, she secretly earns money from webcam and known there as SluttyDemon. She just has a huge amount of mental problems that go back to her childhood, so the main …

Element 174


At first glance, Ash is just another average nerd girl. But she hides much more. The thing is, she’s not from Earth. An alien who came to the planet to explore humanity. An important part of knowledge is sex. She is most often found in the gaming community, where she creates an erotic visual novel, …