They are not real, but so damn hot

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Being a DIK

Nicole / Envy

Nicole, who works as a stripper at The Pink Rose under the pseudonym Envy, is a single mother. The protagonist meets her in episode 3 when the DIKs take him to The Pink Rose. Envy is a potential romantic interest for the main character. When he shows interest in her, she allows him to call …

Fetish Locator


Vanessa is Ellison’s mother. This is a hot milf with a stunning body and unquenchable heat of lust. She will flirt with you and agree to almost any adventure, including sex in a public place. You can also help her relationship with her daughter, and if you do it right, you’ll get a threesome with …

Fetish Locator

Theresa Lewald

The mother of your university student Cintiya. She has a commanding personality, but her strict upbringing is not enough to take control of her daughter. Relationships in the family are disgusting, but it seems you have an unusual way of making things right. Sex with Cintiya and her mom Cintiya’s relationship with her mother is …

College Kings

Mrs. Woods

She is the hot mom of one of the students at your university. You will meet Mrs. Woods during preparations for the pool party. If you’re nice enough, you can end up having sex with her. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll like what you see. Mrs. Woods’ figure is certainly gorgeous, but the growth …

Dreams of Desire

Mrs. Turner

Mrs. Turner is the mother of the main character. A woman with a perfect figure and the right outlook on life. Yoga classes (often without clothes) allow her to maintain an ideal figure. And she is simply gorgeous – with huge natural breasts and a big booty. A beautiful woman who has not known the …

Dreams of Desire


The mother of the main character’s best friend is named Latisha. This is a hot single woman, ready to play pranks under spells. By the way, not only the main character uses this, but also the son himself, who admits that he would like to do something crazy with his mother. Titsjob and handjob Latisha …