They are not real, but so damn hot

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Lust Theory


You’ve known Zoe since you were a kid. She’s your best friend who, as it turns out, has had romantic feelings for you for a long time. You realize that the girl has grown up and become a real beauty only now. Her body has shaped and become very appetizing. Zoe is good friends with …

Lust Theory


At some point Jess starts bringing her friend Chloe, with whom they are going to have a nice time in the night. Chloe is a beautiful young girl with a gorgeous figure and curly hair. She knows how to use her body and doesn’t mind getting naked at the first opportunity to show it off. …

College Bound


Amber is another friend of the protagonist. Amber is another friend of the protagonist, an athlete with a muscular figure, whose life is built around sports. You will meet her either in the gym, where she is working out her legs or arms, or while jogging. You never had sexual feelings for each other, but …

College Bound


Aisha is your best friend. The girl with Indian roots attracts attention with her lush forms, which become even more expressive towards the end of the story. You might think that Aisha is a modest and complex girl, but this is not the case at all. She happily goes for sexual experiments. For example, one …



Madison Ford, or just Maddie, your college girlfriend. She’s from Europe, she’s 27 years old, and she’s a badass soldier. Her profession imprints on her character – combative, determined, sometimes tough. It will not be easy to get her love, but if you try, she will reward you with her gorgeous body with big natural …

College Kings


Bored in your dorm? Don’t worry. Riley is here to explore the world with you. If you ever feel down, she is the one to cheer you up. Riley is one of the easiest girls to pick up. She seems willing to do whatever you put in front of her. And she certainly won’t turn …