Alise is protagonist’s younger sister.

Cheerful and open to experiments, like all teenagers. She just turned 18 years old, but many girls will already envy her figure. Small but firm breasts, round buttocks, plump lips and long legs.

You will be able to see her in many different scenes, and in one of the endings she will even be pregnant!

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  • Sleeping Alice
  • Licking of sleeping Alice’s nipples
  • Tracy and Alice in a shower
  • In a shower
  • Fingering Alice’s pussy
  • Morning ride
  • Alice’s hot dream with Tracy
  • Playing with a dildo
  • Hot nightmare
  • Another nightmare with Tracy
  • Handjob and footjob in a library
  • Footjob, masturbation & spanking
  • The first blowjob
  • Blowjob under the table
  • Lewd scene in a living room
  • Lewd scene in hot lingerie
  • Deepthroat and anal
  • Fairy fuck
  • Anal games
  • Threesome with Alice and mother at night
  • Threesome with Alice and Jenna at the end
  • Revenge
  • Other (including pregnant Alice)
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