Isabel is a complex character in the Deluca Family mafia visual novel game. She is a beautiful and intelligent woman who is fiercely loyal to her family and their criminal enterprise. Raised in the Deluca family, Isabel has been exposed to the harsh realities of the mafia world from an early age.

Despite her involvement in illegal activities, Isabel is not without morals and principles. She struggles with the violence and brutality that comes with being part of the mafia, but ultimately feels a sense of duty to her family and their business.

Isabel’s role in the organization is primarily as a go-between, negotiating deals and alliances with other criminal groups. She is sharp and quick-witted, often using her charm and cunning to get what she wants. However, her status as a woman in a male-dominated field presents its own challenges, and she must constantly fight to assert herself and gain the respect of her peers.

Overall, Isabel is a fascinating character in the Deluca Family visual novel game, and her complex motivations and loyalties make for an engaging and compelling story.